Understanding Our Inclement Weather Procedures


Socrates Academy Board of Directors and Leadership Team voted last night to change our Inclement Weather Policy. Socrates Academy will no longer follow one particular school district. The safety of all families and staff members is our first concern when making decisions about closing, delayed start time, or dismissing early. In cases when there is inclement weather, a decision to close school or operate on a delay will be announced on our website, email Blast, and text message through Remind (sent through homeroom teacher).

After school activities will be cancelled if school closes or is dismissed early. Before school care will not be available on delayed start times. If weather worsens in the late afternoon but school is dismissed at regular time, Socrates Academy BOD and Leadership team will decide whether to cancel practices and activities. 

This eliminates the full day of conferences, but the half day for conferences remains.Here are some answers to the most Frequently Asked Inclement Weather Questions:


Why do we delay if we don’t have buses?

School buses are only one reason that CMS may choose to delay.  The diesel fuel can thicken and clog engines rendering the bus unable to start.  However, heating buildings after very cold nights also takes time so as to not overtax the HVAC units in our buildings.  We have an aging system and allowing it to warm up at a reasonable pace rather than rushing the system will prevent costly repairs and replacements.  We are also not alerted as to the reason for the delay and guessing could put one of our families at risk if it is related to road conditions.


How will we know school is closed?

We will notify all news stations in the Charlotte metro area, update Social Media sites, send an email blast and post on the front page of our website. 


What can I do to help during inclement weather?

First and foremost, please remain patient!  Changes in routine can be stressful on parents who are rushing to get to work after a delay, but it is important to remain focused on our community’s safety.  Continue to follow carpool routines.  If the windchill is particularly low, we may house children inside a building doorway for an extra moment to lessen the time they are standing in frigid conditions, so just take a deep breath and stay positive!  Also, make sure your child has the appropriate clothing (winter coat, mittens, scarf, hat, etc) to stay bundled up.  It is extra helpful if you mark your child’s name in these items as they are the first to end up in lost and found and we want to return them to their owner!  If you are experiencing financial difficulty and need help securing mittens, hats, scarves, or coats, please contact any member of the Leadership Team and we will work with the Caring and Sharing Committee to help you keep your scholar warm.


Will school release early and how will we be notified?

In very rare cases, the weather may take a serious turn during the day and the decision to release students early may be necessary.  In this situation, a blast would be sent to parents with instructions for picking up students.  We ask that you follow these procedures as they are designed to keep traffic moving and minimize risks for student safety.  Depending on the situation, we may ask you to stay in carpool lines and we will call students on the walkie-talkies or we may ask you to park and come in to get your students.  The blast will give you the instructions. If you are not receiving the Socrates Connection, you will not receive blasts. To sign up for the Socrates Connection, click here>>


Thank you for your continued support and for helping to make changes in routine and schedule easy on our scholars.  We appreciate your adherence to the procedures and your cooperation during inclement weather.

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