Plato's Diary - March 14, 2015

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March 14, 2015

Dear Diary,
We had another great week of the Socrates Academy Read A Thon. My family will never believe how hard the teachers worked to make this so special for the students. I do not know if there is another school in the country that has teachers who work so hard to motivate their students to support the school!

On Monday, Miss Priganc dressed up as Olivia the Pig. It was also the day of the first COLE competition (Conjunction of Literary Engagement), a special charter version of the Battle of the Books competition. Students have been preparing for months and doing a lot of extra reading. Today, they traveled to Cabarrus Charter Academy and WON the competition! Socrates Academy was the first winner!!!! I was so proud of the students and how much they worked together as a team. Socrates PROUD!

On Tuesday, Miss Priganc showed up as a comic book character. I am starting to think she really likes to dress up in costume! She even participated in the NJHS blood drive video they were working on to promote their event on March 26th. That day, guest judges walked around to look at all of the door decorations and reading nooks that the teachers created for Read A Thon. I know it had to be a tough choice and I am glad they did not ask me to judge because I would not have been able to choose just one favorite! The winners were not announced until Wednesday.

Finally, the day we can find out the winners! The second grade team won for their Magic Treehouse extravaganza and Mrs. Alwerdt’s class one for the upper grades. They wrote their own book to post on their door. Kyria Maria’s class won for the Reading Nook—she created a really special space with her students. Miss Priganc’s last costume of the week was the Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George. I should have dressed up like a monkey!

On Thursday and Friday, Miss Priganc attended her last face-to-face session of the Distinguished Leadership Program. For the past year, she has been working with other principals across western North Carolina to understand how to focus the efforts of our school on academic achievement and success. Through this experience, she has learned so much and is excited to keep growing as a leader at Socrates. I spent two days with her learning about how people understand and accept change and how to work with the team to keep Socrates at the top level of schools across our state. She was sad that it was the last gathering, but after meeting the principals, I know she will keep in touch with many of them. They all email ideas and questions and they have become really close. It was nice to see so many awesome leaders and learn from great facilitators in the process.

Today, we hosted our 2nd Annual March Madness Basketball tournament. There were teams of students, parents, and a few staff members and it was a lot of fun! I enjoyed seeing all of the teams compete and enjoy the day celebrating our Socrates community. Now it is time for some rest and relaxation. Next week will be busy and I need to be ready to share the news of Socrates!
--Plato Koukouvaiya

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