Notes from Coffee with Kristen

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Coffee with Kristen Notes

October 8, 2015


Thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend our first Coffee with Kristen on Thursday, October 8th. We had a good discussion and here are some notes for those of you that were not able to attend.


Miss Priganc shared:

-       Upcoming cultural arts events being funded with monies raised through school fundraising. All K—8 students will have one cultural arts experience the week of October 12th (K—3 on Tuesday and 4—8 on Friday). Ask your K—3 scholar about Susana and Timmy Abell and their Reading and Writing song and puppet extravaganza when you see them on Tuesday afternoon. Ask your 4—8 scholar if they enjoyed “Greece Lightning” when you see them on Friday afternoon. You feta believe it’s going to be a good show!

-       We are also using some of those designated funds to bring a jazz band and an African drummer in January/February. If we have enough left over, we may even bring a wonderful storyteller from the Durham area! Thank you to Aphrodite Davis, parent volunteer and our school’s representative on the Arts and Science Council, for all of the extra hours she has put into researching, screening, and scheduling our cultural arts talent!

-       Join us for Bingo Night on October 28th sponsored by the Socrates Academy Foundation. This family night will allow you to mix and mingle with other Socrates friends and to enjoy a few games of bingo. Check the Connection in the coming weeks for specific information.

-       If you know a Socrates scholar, grades 5—8, who volunteers in the community, please encourage them to apply for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. More information can be found at

-       We continue to work through some challenges with Power School. If you are unable to access grades or have questions regarding your child’s schedule, please contact your child’s teacher.

-       We are expecting two new teachers from our Greek exchange program with the Ministry of Education. Details of their arrival should be available soon and then we can plan for the best way to incorporate their talents into our school. If you are interested in helping them make the transition to the Charlotte area, please contact Athanasia Smith, Greek Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to offer your hospitality services!


Parents voiced the following questions, concerns, and ideas:

-       Could tutoring be available in all subjects for all grades? Could fundraising money be used as stipends for this purpose? (Miss Priganc will have to check with teachers on availability and talk with the Leadership Team about allocating money toward this project.)

-       Is it possible to have a consistent substitute teacher for the Greek math class in the middle school that is still waiting for a qualified teacher? (Mrs. Smith is trying, but has had some difficulty working around the schedules of substitute teachers.)

-       Some parents are still having issues with Power School. Student schedules are not listed correctly and some classes show no grades. (Miss Priganc still has a few staff that cannot access, but we are working to find a solution. If the schedule is wrong, please contact the teacher your child does have for that class.)

-       Middle school parents asked if teachers can let parents know where their son/daughter is with grades as we near the end of the first quarter. (Miss Priganc will discuss this with Mr. Bogar and the middle school staff.)

-       Morning carpool is still creating back-ups on Weddington Road. One parent suggested a double line behind the middle school to help pull cards off the main road. Another suggested creating a Sign-Up genius for carpool volunteers. (Miss Priganc has to see if there is enough staff to assign someone to help direct traffic in the back. Leadership will remind staff that they must be IN PLACE by 7:45, not walking to their assigned post. Miss Priganc will discuss the Sign-Up Genius idea with the Leadership Team and post in the Connection in the coming weeks.)

-       A parent asked when Enrichment sign-ups were over. There was some confusion that it was October 9th. The correct date for sign-ups is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13TH. Please check the website for more information.

-       Several parents commented that they thought the Connection did not have enough information or they could not locate it easily based on elementary/middle school. Others felt the Connection was a useful way to get all the information they needed for the week.

-       Some of our new parents voiced suggestions for ways to improve communication when a new family starts at Socrates. We talked about creating some new parent materials that are easy to follow, hosting a new parent open house, and continuing the new Parent Navigators that were started this year. (Thanks for your input! We will get to work now so we are ready for next year!)

-       Questions were raised about middle school students having a snack during the day. (Mr. Bogar has been working with middle school staff on this and will release information the week of October 12th so all students understand the process and expectations.)

-       Some parents were confused by the EDS form (Economically Disadvantaged Student) and asked if there were resources to help make it easier to follow. (Miss Priganc had just suggested this at a conference in Wilson, NC the day before. She asked if they could create a narrated tutorial and possibly send the form home in August so it is a part of the back to school paperwork.)

-       Socrates is listed as a North Carolina Title I school on the READY Accountability information at DPI. Miss Priganc acknowledged that we received a small Title I grant to be used for targeted reading purposes in the 2014—2015 school year. She will check with DPI to see how that would qualify us as a Title I school if that information is correct.

-       There was some discussion around progress monitoring and MAP testing (as done in CMS). The Leadership Team will be meeting with the Curriculum Committee of the BOD on Wednesday and this is one of the many items to discuss.

-       One parent shared that he has recently found out his employer makes financial contributions to approved non-profits and schools based on employee volunteer commitment. We will ask parents to check with their employers about corporate matching or volunteer contributions in an upcoming Connection.


It was a busy morning filled with a lot of enthusiasm from parents who want to see our school continue to be successful. Thank you for your time! Mark your calendars for Thursday, December 17th, 8:30—10:00 for the next Coffee With Kristen. (Apologies in advance that I cannot offer an evening time during December.)

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